We are the alliance for borderless giving.


We are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of international philanthropy.

Whether you are an individual donor, a multinational corporation, or a nonprofit organisation looking for funding from around the world, too many barriers stand in the way. We are building a global alliance that connects donors with trusted charities around the world to encourage, stimulate, and facilitate what we call borderless giving.

our values

We believe that knowing how things are done helps everyone do better.

We believe in empowering organisations that reflect their communities.

We believe that the best work is responsive to changes in the world.
We believe in treating every relationship with the utmost care.
We believe that anyone has the power to help others.

We believe in saying yes to new ideas, projects, and partnerships

We can help donors support charities and causes around the globe with the confidence of giving close to home.

A community-based saving group in Rwanda. (photo courtesy of FXB-International)

global experience

Our combined fifty years of international grantmaking can help both donors and recipients achieve their goals.

local knowledge

Our network of in-country advisors navigate local regulations to ensure gifts are delivered safely and used effectively.
Healthcare workers in China receiving care packages.
© FNC ∙ Collibri & EFICO Foundation

Technology access for students in Columbia. (© FNC – Collibri & EFICO Foundation)

trusted partners

Our relationships with respected organisations around the world help us connect donors to the causes they care about.


We connect donors and recipients with international ambitions.

Donor-Advised Giving

You can claim an immediate tax deduction when you give, then recommend grants at your convenience to charities around the world.

International Friends Funds

You can collect tax-deductible donations from international supporters without the trouble and expense of overseas charitable registration.

Disaster Relief Funds

You can contribute to disaster relief and recovery efforts run by trusted, local charities.

Corporate Partnerships

You can tap our global network to engage stakeholders and achieve your desired impact.

Legacy Funds

You can create a charitable legacy to support your favorite cause.

Art Giving

You can place your donation of artwork in leading museums around the world.

alliance members

Our organisations bring more than 50 years of cross-border giving experience to serve your philanthropic goals.

Brussels-based public benefit foundation serving donors in Belgium and Europe.


SF Bay Area 501(c)(3) connecting American donors with charities in the Asia-Pacific region.


New York-based 501(c)(3) facilitating thoughtful, effective giving to Europe and Africa.


Melbourne-based Deductible Gift Recipient funding overseas poverty alleviation projects.


Montreál-based charitable organisation enabling and implementing charitable projects.


Section 88 tax exempt organisation facilitating overseas giving from Hong Kong SAR PRC.