The Myriad Alliance is a collaborative network of nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting cross-border philanthropy.

Positioned across various countries and regions, each member organization specializes in facilitating international giving from their market.

Alliance members offer comprehensive international grantmaking services tailored for individuals, corporations, and foundations eager to contribute to charitable causes globally. By aligning our services and fees, and pooling our collective knowledge, expertise, and resources, we offer our donors unparalleled access to the charitable programs they want to support worldwide, expanding the reach and impact of their generosity.


To empower and connect a global community of donors and nonprofit organizations, leveraging international philanthropy to strengthen and support local nonprofits worldwide. We are committed to facilitating seamless and impactful cross-border giving through a network of trusted partners, helping donors and charitable organizations around the globe to make a meaningful difference.


Our vision is a world where borders do not limit the transformative power of philanthropy. We aspire to create an inclusive and vibrant ecosystem with a global footprint, where resources flow efficiently and every individual and organization can contribute effectively to strengthening projects and places.



Our commitment to openness ensures that all stakeholders understand our processes, fostering an environment of trust and continuous improvement.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, nurturing each relationship with respect, honesty, and responsibility.


We bring resources to organizations that truly represent a wide range of perspectives and strengths.


We uphold the principle that everyone possesses the potential to make a meaningful difference, advocating for the participation of every voice.


We recognize the importance of adaptability in our work, responding proactively to the ever-changing landscape of opportunities, needs, and challenges.


We are committed to innovation, welcoming new ideas, projects, and collaborations that drive forward-thinking solutions and breakthroughs in philanthropy.

Latest news

Global network for philanthropy deepens cooperation, adds members

Myriad Alliance Takes Next Steps to Simplify Cross Border Giving Across Six Continents April 9 2024

In an era of burgeoning global connections, the drive for philanthropy increasingly transcends borders. In response, the members of the Myriad Alliance are deepening their cooperation and expanding membership to streamline and enhance cross-border giving.

The Myriad Alliance, a global network of organizations that each provide cross-border grantmaking services to donors, is announcing specific steps to expand reach and membership, and to strengthen the global capabilities of each member. In 2023 alone, the Myriad Alliance collectively granted over US$340 million to charitable programs in 113 countries and across a wide variety of topics, including education, the arts, disaster response, health services, climate change, and much more.

Today, Alliance members are announcing the following steps to develop the network:

  • The King Baudouin Foundation announces the launch of Myriad Europe, a new initiative working with donors across Europe to support their global philanthropy and leveraging the expertise of the entire Myriad Alliance.
  • The Gift Trust announces its membership in the Myriad Alliance. Serving as the leading national-level donor advised fund for New Zealand, the Gift Trust now offers grant-making capabilities to charitable causes worldwide by leveraging the shared expertise within the Alliance.
  • KBF Canada is now rebranded as Myriad Canada, reflecting the organization’s ambition to align within the Myriad Alliance to improve its global collaborations.
  • Give2Asia Australia is now Myriad Australia, marking an expansion of its services beyond Asia to support philanthropy for poverty alleviation around the world.

The Myriad Alliance’s steering committee is appointing Birger Stamperdahl to serve as the Alliance CEO, in addition to his role as President & CEO of Give2Asia. In his Alliance role, Stamperdahl will seek new members and build collaborations within the network.

“Corporations, family offices, wealth managers, charitable organizations, and individuals have relied on our members over the years for advice, implementation, and operational management. We help them to turn goodwill into positive impact for people and places around the world,” said Birger Stamperdahl, CEO of the Myriad Alliance. “By strengthening the Alliance, we are substantially expanding our collective capacity to identify opportunities for cross-border collaborations and for our members to provide the most efficient services for grant-making.”

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